IKEA Place HoloLens

The    IKEA Place AR Mobile App     for HoloLens

360° View

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Breaking down the mobile App

To fully understand the architecture of IKEA Place mobile App, I printed out the screens and broke them down into interaction procedures. Then I synthesized the interactions to understand what I needed to build for HoloLens, what the restraints were, and what I should take out.

Sketching the interface

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1. Visual elements over   text (hard to read)

2. No scroll actions

3. No keyboards

4. Reduce cognitive  load

Applying the Fluent Design System:

Material and Depth

Frosted glass effect on the backgrounds and buttons.

Separated layer and proper shallow & transparency

Horizontal Cross - Equirectangular Distortion

A three-flat-dimension design approach that normalizes the interface at the end

Special thanks to Zhi Qu for the help in this process.


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