PayPal Internship

Voice UI, Next Generation Commerce

Why Voice? Becasue money should be spoken

Voice interaction is playing roles for more products and services. Fintech product is becoming more interactive. Voice can be and should be the next medium to liberate digital finance experience.

PayPal has launched P2P (peer to peer) transaction product on Amazon Alexa. This is an important groundwork to build upon.

Now that the value is seen. What do we do?

A new way of thinking money

Collaborated with the Innovation Lab at PayPal. Ideation filed for patent application.

*** Work under NDA ***

How do we launch a prototype within 12 weeks that showcase the value, quality, and potential of voice?

Envisioning the next big move

As a newbie in designing for voice, I needed to research and learn about the industry standard for voice product experiences. I conducted a competitive benchmarking on voice product user flows and synthesized design guidelines from major players in the field.

Although I cannot disclose the specific details about my project, there are important takeaways and reflections I can share throughout my design process.

Understand best practices for VUI design

Hit the ground running

I wore some PM hats during this project while collaborating with my engineering counterparts in this project. Instances of my PM work include prioritizing product features and roadmapping milestones of development initiatives.


We developed a fully functional demo and presented it to leadership!

I worked with my engineering counterpart to visualize the backend flow. This helped to optimize my design for engineering.

We edged out the interaction map from a brainstorming session of possible inputs from users:

Snippets of some UI & Design System work for the project:

Outside of my internship project...

Side (and fun) projects

I designed an emoji during the intern emoji hack. It was selected for Venmo's future emoji release!

I got a Google AIY kit and built a cardboard speaker! It talked about a team inside joke during my final presentation.

I presented to the entire UED team at PayPal on differences of designing for Chinese and American consumers.


Voice is a fun and challenging platform to design for. Because of the absence or reduction of visual interaction, designing for voice requires a deep understanding of conversational habits and context of use.

Working with an engineering counterpart during an internship is an irreplaceable learning experience. Diving together into the technical and design aspects of the product helped build stronger empathy in our collaboration.

Even concept work requires down-to-earth feasibility validation and prioritization. A learning mindset and open communication are keys to building something from 0 to 1.


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